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PepsiCo + Addison

PepsiCo and Addison's creative partnership on the PepsiCo 2010 Annual Report resulted in a signature report highlighting PepsiCo's Performance with Purpose commitment to corporate sustainability and global responsibility. In the seven years since, we have worked closely with PepsiCo to create a full suite of strategic annual and sustainability reports, branding, employee and executive communications, and video. Our partnership has allowed us to create internationally respected and recognized materials for all of their stakeholders.

PepsiCo 2016 Annual Report

Our partnership with PepsiCo on their 2016 Annual Report focused on their product and promotional innovation. Their updated Performance with Purpose goals remained integral to PepsiCo's reporting, and their commitment to a healthier future was made apparent through our visual representation of their product line. The cover showcased illustrations by artists who created exciting new packaging for PepsiCo's LifeWTR brand.

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PepsiCo 2017 CSR

Addison was challenged by PepsiCo's CEO to develop a sustainability report that was clear, unapologetic, aspirational and immersive. To meet this challenge, Addison developed context around PepsiCo's commitments and responsibility as a global food and beverage company. We designed, shot and custom illustrated this report, which received accolades even before it was officially published.

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The Heart of PepsiCo

"The Heart of PepsiCo" was developed to highlight PepsiCo's many award programs and bring them under one umbrella. Based around a vibrant, modular pattern, this branded campaign was brought to life on video, event graphics, printed collateral, and web.

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